Gun Control NZ welcomes announcement of firearms buy-back details


Gun Control NZ Media Release

Gun Control NZ welcomes the start of the buy-back of prohibited weapons.

“The sooner these dangerous weapons are collected by Police, the sooner we will all feel safer,” says Gun Control NZ co-founder Nik Green.

“We welcome the contribution of $40 million to the buy-back scheme by the ACC. The ACC have recognised that the buy-back scheme is likely to contribute to a reduction in the severity and incidence of injuries from the prohibited firearms,” says co-founder Philippa Yasbek.

Nik Green says “We want the buy-back to be a success. For that to happen, owners of prohibited weapons need to be fairly compensated. The Arms Act says that compensation can’t be more than market value. In our view, the compensation should also not be any less than market value.”

The details of the government announcement can be found here:

Philippa Yasbek