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The closing date for submissions is Wednesday 23 October.


The Arms Legislation Bill will finish the job of strengthening our gun laws. The Bill will: 

  • require the registration of every firearm 

  • link ammunition sales to gun licences

  • shorten the licensing period from 10 years to 5 years

  • state in law that gun ownership is a privilege and not a right

Some of these measures, like the gun register, have been repeatedly recommended by experts for decades. The proposed changes will reduce the levels of gun violence in New Zealand and make us all safer. 

Unfortunately the gun lobby are opposed to these changes and they are already working hard to persuade rural people and organisations to oppose the Bill. Many gun owners support the Bill. 

Are you one of the 70% of New Zealanders who want stronger gun laws?

WHAT WILL the gun control nz submission say

The key points in the Gun Control NZ submission are:

Purpose statement

We support the proposed addition of a purpose statement. The current 1983 Act lacks a purpose statement. It is important to emphasise that the purpose of the legislation is safety. It will also be useful to explicitly state that firearms ownership is a privilege and not a right.

Creation of a register

We support the creation of a register. Registers make firearms owners more accountable for their weapons and more likely to store them appropriately. They also reduce the flow of guns to unlicensed people and have been shown to reduce firearms thefts. Registers are useful for solving crimes and are an important tool for improving the safety of police officers and other frontline workers.

Licensing - fit and proper person test

We support the inclusion of specific factors to be considered in assessing someone’s suitability for a firearms licence. The list of factors indicating that someone is not a fit and proper person should be expanded to include offences that demonstrate a reckless disregard for the safety of others. This would include offences such as drunk driving and dangerous driving.

Licensing - length of licence period

We support shortening the licence period from 10 years to 5. People’s circumstances can change significantly within 10 years. Canada and the UK both have 5 year licenses. Australian states have a range of terms depending on the firearm. Some are as short as 1 year.

Control of ammunition sales

We support the provisions that create stronger controls on ammunition sales. Only licensed firearms owners should be allowed to purchase ammunition. Licensed firearms owners should also only be allowed to purchase ammunition that is suitable for their registered firearms. Ammunition sales should be recorded on the register.

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We are developing a detailed submission to the Select Committee on almost every element of the Bill. We are seeking feedback on it from our members. It’s still in draft form as we consult and consider some of the issues further. In the interest of transparency, and to help those who are drafting their own submissions, the draft can be viewed here. The questions included in the draft are for our members.


  • Tell your friends, family, co-workers and others about why this legislation matters and encourage them to also add their names. Face to face conversations are the most effective way to persuade people.

  • Encourage your social media contacts to add their names on the submission.

  • Write to MPs about this legislation and explain to them why you would like them to pass the Bill.

  • Sign up as a member of Gun Control NZ and consider donating more than the $10 membership fee. The more money we have, the more we can spread the message.

Want to make your own submission to parliament

You may want to make your own submission directly to Parliament, if you’d like to share your personal story or perspective.

You can submit directly to Parliament from this link:

  1. Navigate the form and fill in your details.

  2. In the box that asks for a comment,  you can tell the Select Committee a bit about yourself and why you support stronger gun laws. In the second box when asked for a recommendation you can say:
    I support stronger gun laws and recommend that this legislation is passed. I support the Gun Control NZ submission.

Have a look at our draft submission, if you want some inspiration.

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